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Get reel & respond

Movies have the capacity to help you attain an understanding of what you really want in your life and more importantly what you don't want, this is because of how you respond to the images, verbalization and sensations that you experience as you watch them.

The movie/talk session may well have turned up your objective, so now it's time to gain some perspective through a prescribed movie and the idea is that you gain some resilience to the obstacles that are in front of you before you respond with action.

The prescription session will involve you watching a movie differently in order to change your thinking, this is done through written text as a way of mentoring you to challenge your current mindset and then bring your ideas, objections and will into a coaching session that will challenge you to take the action needed to make the change.

Coaching can be challenging, however, the prescribed movie learning will help you feel through the characters that you are not alone with your dilemma so in turn you can take the action you want to turn things around in your life - Coaching sessions consist of a one hour telephone sessions, however, face to face sessions can be arranged dependant on locations if you prefer.

Once your payment has been received you will receive instructions on how you will receive your prescribed movie and how to book your coaching session.